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The police and prosecutors have a job to do, but humiliating people isn't part of it. Police misconduct such as unlawful arrest, police brutality and malicious prosecution can leave a lasting impact on your record and your reputation at work and in your community. If you have been illegally detained and prosecuted without probable cause, or have been physically assaulted during an arrest, you have a right to seek compensation — and possibly punitive damages.

Have you been charged and prosecuted for a crime you didn't commit?


Malicious prosecution is costly and damaging to your reputation. If the DA has prosecuted a case against you without merit, you are entitled to seek restitution for your costs and damages for the harm to your reputation.



The litigation attorneys of Piergrossi & Peterman, LLP, are here to protect your civil rights in cases involving false arrest and police misconduct. For more than 40 years, we have been recognized for our dedication to protecting rights at police stations and seeking justice in courtrooms throughout the Bronx and all of the boroughs of New York City. All of our attorneys have deep roots in the Bronx. We understand police procedures and the way prosecutors in local courts zealously pursue their case against you. We stand up and fight vigorously for your rights. Our personal injury lawyers understand how important it is to aggressively investigate the circumstances of the charges and the police records. By acting quickly, we can immediately file legal motions to gather evidence that the police may not want you to use against them.


Proudly protecting citizens' rights in New York City for more than 40 years


Contact our offices to schedule a free consultation about your police misconduct case. We will give you an honest evaluation and help you determine the best way to proceed to seek justice.


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Police Misconduct

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